5 Awesome Windows Software Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

In this article, we’re going to go over a set of super useful programs that Microsoft itself has made for windows, and is maybe one of the most useful software suites ever. It is called Sysinternals, and it’s been around forever, but is not actually included in windows. Therefore, if you didn’t know about it, you’re really missing out. There are excessively many programs included to go over in this post and some of them are either obsolete or not very useful. So I’m going to go over of what I think are the coolest and most useful programs in the Sysinternals suite. You can check a quick pc software list here.

  1. Process Explorer: This software is already well known by itself. It’s basically the task manager on steroids. It will not only show you what programs are running but also sub-processes it’s using, and a million other details. One cool feature is the ability to search any process using a website called virus Total, which is actually own by google, and will run the file through a whole bunch of antiviruses. You can also search for “handles” meaning what files are being used by program.
  2. Process Monitor: Its based on the name you might think is similar to the process explorer, but not really. So the process monitor like the name suggest, monitor what all the running processes on your computer are doing, and will output literally everything into a log depending on filters you set. You’ll probably see hundreds of operations going on in a matter of second. Therefore, these might be programs calling registry keys, writing the files, reading files, making network request, pretty much everything going on in your computer will be listed right in this software.
  3. Autoruns: This is a simple and powerful program that list everything that starts up with your computer. Windows does have feature like this built in, but that doesn’t always show everything that gets loaded. Autoruns will not only shows you what programs start up on boot, but also services, what registry keys are called schedule tasks, drivers being loaded even what media codecs get loaded.
  4. TCPView: This software is all about network activity. To put it simply, it will show you every network connection coming in and out of your computer, which program is using it, what post its on and more. This can be useful in a lot of situation, like maybe, there is something using up a ton of bandwidth and you don’t know what it is.
  5. Zoom it: This application is great for presentation, and simply lets you zoom in and out on the screen easily. By pressing control+1 and its zooms in and you can move a round. So it’s great if you need to show something small. In addition, if you want to draw on the screen to circle something, you can press controle+2 and do that, and then press escape to cancel. So a neat and little program you could definitely use in future.