What Problems You May Meet When iPhone Won’t Turn On?

When your iPhone doesn’t turn on after iOS 12 update, these are some of the problems that you are likely to come across. Have a look now:

  • The device could be stuck on black or white screen.
  • Sometimes, it gets stuck on recovery mode.
  • You can see Apple logo with the progress bar on the screen, but it will not proceed.
  • The screen sometimes gets black showing only the spinning wheel, but it won’t go to home page.
  • You may also see your iPhone stuck on black Apple logo with white screen.
  • In addition, you might experience reboot loop problem.

2. Why iPhone Won’t Turn On after iOS 12 Update ?

You are now aware what problems could bother you when your iPhone fails to turn on after iOS 12. Now, in this section, we will let you understand why it happens. Check out some of the reasons.

  • Firstly, as it is known fact that an update requires high battery and during the process, it consumes a lot of battery. So, the first reason could be dead battery. Therefore, we suggest you to take help of your charger and charge your device. Now check if the iPhone is able to turn on or not.
  • Second reason could be a system crash. Yes! Chances are that your iPhone isn’t turning on due to an iOS crash and hence a factory reset can be your savior.
  • Your iPhone might also not turn on because the firmware has been corrupted.
  • The installation of the firmware is not going well so that the firmware cannot work properly.
  • The last thing why your device doesn’t turn on is the hardware glitch. This can be identified if any of the troubleshooting steps given in this article won’t work out.

3. How to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On after iOS 12 Update?

3.1. Force Restart iPhone

The first thing you should try when your iPhone won’t turn on after iOS 12 update is to force restart it. You might have heard about this before. But in case you don’t, here is how to carry out force restart on your respective devices.

To force restart iPhone 6/6S and earlier models than 6, press down the “Power’ button and the ‘Home’ button and keep holding them for 10 seconds. Let go the buttons when the Apple logo appears.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users also need to follow somewhat similar steps. But they need to press ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ buttons altogether. Release the buttons when you find Apple logo on the screen.

For an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X, quickly press and release ‘Volume Up’ button. Then press ‘Volume Down’ button. Now, keep pressing ‘Power’ button until Apple logo appears.

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