Advantages OF Being A Girl Gamer

I like playing video games. I like the leveling up, exploration aspect, the stories that appear, the world I assist in making, the characters I grow to recognize and the melody which covers every new pocket of digital reality.

I remember as a kid, seeing my brothers play different video games and then learning to play them. Then, as we grew up, we adapted the PlayStations. Albeit my brothers went into the Xbox regions and, I, into computer gaming.

Now, my fellow players comprehend such feelings of love (and hate in a few events – cough – Dark Souls) that originates from playing video games. Love isn’t the only advantage of gaming, but there’re many other advantages to getting down and gaming. Today a lot of girls are also playing different video games and wanna become great gamers. If you are one of them and want to have some inspiration, Dungeondwellers is the best place for that.

A Better Memory:

Remember playing such mini-games were you need to evoke which barrel has the particular thing in it after being scuffled about?  Or memory puzzles or patterns?  We believed we were searching for another life 1UP, but our minds were being taught not just to memorize where things were but to recollect faster than the standard non-gamer.

Faster Reflexes:

Oh come on; this one was a known.  Do you wanna acquaint why? Because if you vacillate in war, you will get executed, soldier! Anybody who has played Dark Souls, Halo, Call of Duty, Borderlands, or any other fighting game whatsoever acquaints that. Or even if it was only the old arcade games when the timing had to be on the dot. Reflexes and timing is the whole thing.  I have engrossed one too many controls in aggressive fury owing to not taking heed to one of such key factors while going through a stage.

Multitasking?  Bring It On

I can say to you from my experiences; I can do work and play Borderlands simultaneously. It more often than not takes me longer to do my work than required, and I do not advance as much as I must in the game in the time played. But that is beside the dot.

On a more serious note, gamers, owing to our memory strength and fast reflexes, can multitask faster than somebody who’s not a gamer.  On the other side, we also can get quite concentrated on one chore and pursue it through to end.

It Carries You Together With The Faithful Friends:

In my view, nothing says faithful to the one buddy who presents to be the Medic during the game. It is like the being the chosen driver. We all like them, but we never desire to be them. And when you’re combating in a game alone, you feel commanding. But when you’re in a squad, you become inexorable!

Gaming assists bring individuals together and feel less lost.  Me and my brother grew closer as one the more we played video games. It is the sense of loyalty and teamwork that keeps a squad strong. Even when you are playing online, you need to trust your associates. It’s so much great in pairs.