Happy birthday wishes for son in English

Birthdays are the best times for any person, and birthday wishes makes them even better. And when it comes to our own children, their birthdays are even more special and should be celebrated even better. In this case, if you want to celebrate your own son’s birthday, it is always recommended that you make it the best for him.

You might be looking for the birthday wishes for son in English, yet if you can’t find the most appropriate one, here are the best ones:

  1. Happy Birthday my dear son. I am proud as I have watched you grow into an amazing man. Now I wish that the year ahead continue to exceed your expectations all the way!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SON! You might just be a year older for everybody, but for me, you are a year wiser.
  3. Happy Birthday my beloved son. My dear, just remember that no matter how big you get, I am always going to be there for you, right beside you.
  4. Happy Birthday Son. You know, my only wish for your birthday is that each of the new year brings you more wisdom, dreams, passion, laughter and more wishes.
  5. My son, a very Happy Birthday to you. I hope the road which lies of you holds endless possibilities and opportunities for you.
  6. Happy Birthday to the best person in our family. You are my life and my hope, everyday.
  7. Sending my wonderful son a hug with lots of love and a lot of blessings.
  8. My dear son, I wish you a very happy birthday, and want you to know that you are the best. I want you to celebrate today and have all the fun. Love you so much.
  9. Happy Birthday my dear. May joy always enlighten your way up and may you always be blessed with hope. I always want you to feel loved no matter how big or small the feeling is.
  10. Happy Birthday to my dear Son. I am really blessed of the fact to know that you are growing into an ideal man who is a joy to our family. Today is your birthday, a special day, so enjoy it to the fullest.
  11. Happy Birthday To My Amazing Son. It’s always a good time with you! You’ve made me laugh a million laughs. May your birthday be such an event you always remember, full of joy.
  12. To My beloved son, I want you to know that you came into my life as a blessing and life has never been so good than that day. I really love you and am proud of you. You are the best and I can’t imagine my life without you. I am blessed and more than just proud to call you my own child.
  13. Happy Birthday dear son. You have always made me feel so special and proud as a parent and I am now proud of who you have become. You were always so wonderful and thank you for that. A very happy birthday to you son.
  14. Happy Birthday loved one. Make sure you have the best time. I wish you a very exciting and a happy day. I love you very much son.
  15. Happy Birthday smart pants. You are intelligent and thoughtful and I wish you a very happy birthday. Want you to know that I am really proud of who you are. Make sure you have a blast.