How to Choose an Electrical Reactor Best Serving Your Needs

Choosing the right reactor is tricky, like most other things. So many options and a number of dealers offering different types of reactors in the USA, it is really a daunting task to come out with a reactor best to serve a specific need.

But choosing an electrical reactor is pretty easy provided you are prepared, equipped with the knowledge such as the types of reactors available and what they are best used for, and so on. So throughout the blog, we will be talking about all those things and how to find the best places to buy an electric reactor in the USA.

So let us get started with the types…

There are five types of reactors:

  • continuous stirred tank reactor
  • fixed bed
  • tabular
  • moving bed
  • and fluidized bed reactor

Continuous stirred tank reactor

Also known as vat or back-mix reactor is ideal for the use for chemical engineering. This provides a model to estimate the key unit operation variables to reach a specific output. Go for it if you want to use it in chemical engineering industry.

Fixed Bed

This type of reactor is used in chemical reaction. With tabular shape, these are filled with solid catalyst particles that catalyze gas reaction. The reaction occurs on the surface of the catalyst. The biggest benefit of using fixed bed reactor is that there is higher conversion per weight of catalyst.

Tabular reactor

Also known as plug flow reactor, this is a kind of vessel through which flow is continuously directed at a steady rate. In an ideal tabular reactor, the fluid flows as though there were solid plugs or pistons. The reaction time is the same. Tabular reactors are used in petroleum, petrochemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, etc.

Moving bed

It is used in manufacturing industry for implementing chromatographic separation. It is used to separate one chemical compound from others to deliver the more purified material at a lower cost. It is capable of providing any separation or purification that a simple column method is unable to provide.

Fluidized reactor

This is ideal for where it is required to carry out variety of multiphase chemical reactions. A fluid gas is passed through a solid granular material called catalyst at high velocities to suspend the solid and make it behave like fluid.

Now you have the information and knowledge to make the right decision. Once you have selected the type of reactor, look for dealers providing reactors in the USA.  Always buy from a reputed supplier like TEE, which is widely renowned for providing world-class transmission, electrical, energy solutions and equipment.