.APP nTLD starts off with the Flying Colors

Soon after the launch of the shinning Google .APP domain, it starting showing great potential with almost 2225 domain name registration in the zone file. The industry experts are dubbing it as the most potential and powerful nTLD with security and privacy as its unique aspects.

The .APP domain has gotten 75 subscriptions from Apple Inc, 41 registrations from Microsoft and 27 domain registrations from Bank of Americ, as per the reports of Google. More registrations from similar kind of companies is expected in the near future.

As per Google, the use of HTTP Strict Transport security is the main reason behind the bulk registrations from the tycoon corporations in .APP domain registration. A Google spokesman also commented on security assurance for .APP registration commenting that:

“Registrants receive guaranteed protection for themselves and their users simply by choosing a secure TLD for their website and configuring an SSL certificate, without having to add individual domains or subdomains to the HSTS preload list.

Adding an entire TLD to the HSTS preload list is also more efficient, as it secures all domains under that TLD without the overhead of having to include all those domains individually.”

Google launched a sunrise period for .APP nTLD on 29th March, during the sunrise period only the trademark holders with are registered with the TCH (Trademark Clearing House) have registered their domains with the Google .APP. it is also believed that this registration number will increase as the TCH clears the registrations of the organizations.

At the end, Google also confirmed that there will be a Dutch auction followed by the sunrise period from 1st May and general availability on 8th May.

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