Difference Between Smart TV and Normal TV – In Depth Knowledge

Televisions are no longer just entertainment boxes with plain picture viewing options and sound adjusting technologies. Technology has spread its wings and normal television evolved into smart television for new age digital life.

Just as the name suggests, it is not just an ordinary television. Along with the programmes, movie watching high definition options and other sound features, smart television gives you better life choices. In short, this television is bringing the digital and social world at your feet. Let us have an elaborate view

Normal television

From analogue and CRT tube, these days’ normal televisions are either hdtv or lcd tv. Both run on the light emission technology but differ from one another in terms of pixels. With normal television you can just enjoy serials, movies etc as per the digital operator. You are tied down to the programme until you finish it.

Moreover, files saved in normal television are not easily portable to be watched on another device. This is because different tv models have different file format and it is difficult to change it, in order to check it somewhere else.

Introducing smart tvs

Needless to say, that internet is the dominant part of our life and our daily life is dependent on it. Our mobile phones have evolved a long way and have become smart mobile with its internet accessibility. The same technology applies to the smart tv as well. Today’s newly in the market, smart TVs play a very important role and focus mainly with the online and digitalisation.

With its digital benefits smart TV are interactive and can live stream media, social networking and even web browsing all at one go. Connectivity is the new age convenience and you can enjoy everything in the same place and at the same time. It is a convergence between computer LCD and tv with loaded visual and sound features. Smart TVs allows you to search for movies, video clips and serials from applications, specially made for smart tv.

his TV can operate both on cable and online. Just like mobile phones you can access any type of visuals from the smart tv. Moreover, most of the smart TVs will allow a connection of mouse and keyboard. Therefore, you can also use it like a computer. More importantly it is a boon to the commercial fields where smart TVs are used for conferencing and at the same time for visuals.

On demand services

Smart TVs come with inbuilt on demand services which are not available in normal television. With such features you can surf through a plethora of options and enjoy. Moreover, if your mobile is compatible with your phone, you can also transfer data and watch it anywhere.

Smart TVs in India

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