How to use social networks to boost my business?

When we talk about social networks in digital marketing, we often talk about engagement, which is nothing more than the degree of interaction between the consumer or user and your brand, and that consists of achieving certain loyalty that you can promote, nurture or reward. So that the relationship with your followers is lasting and translates into profits for your business.

Logos of social networks developing a relationship of this caliber is possible in several ways. The most organic is one in which the content you produce is interesting and generates trust among your audience, so that each recommendation you make or each product that you endorse in your social networks will be heard by those who follow you. You can incentivize it with contests, interactive activities or converting your followers into spectators of your adventures. The closer you sit, the greater your fidelity.

Advertising on social networks

Remember that social networks are a source of information rather than leisure or entertainment and for marketing professionals, they are an inexhaustible source of data and, in turn, a tool that is useful for market research. It allows you to study trends, segment user groups and determine in which niche your business fits.

In order to use social networks as part of your marketing strategy, it is important to know which ones are best for you. 84% of online users use Facebook and 60% of them follow or interact with brands that interest them through this social network.

As a result of this growth trend, Facebook implemented the paid advertising service similar to the one that works for a long time in Google (Google Ads) and that allows you to create advertisements of your brand that reach the public you want.

For this very reason , the company of Mark Zuckerberg has implemented a series of rules to follow in order that your ad is positioned above the competition (needless to say it is arduous) and that extend to Instagram , the social network that Buy in 2012. Do a good course on advertising on Facebook and Instagram could help you boost your product through your networks and could serve as theoretical support in case you decide to trust an online marketing agency for this task.

The truth is that social networks have changed from their origin and currently have a considerable influence in the process of purchase and consumption. Not only are they useful to expand your business but to make your name a consolidated brand that you can monetize through the engagement you generate and the way you manage it. Hence the importance of knowing the tools available to design effective strategies that will report the benefits you expect. For every business, a strong social media expertise are required. It cost you more time, money and power to drive customers to your business. Most companies hire the Digital Marketing Companies. However, some companies hire people for job to do the same job in their offices. So, do whatever you have to but you choice must be smart.