Remember Everything with The Best Note Taking Apps

With so many things to do during the day, keeping track of everything can be a challenge. Not too long ago, the only way to remember everything was to write everything down with pen and paper. You were at risk of forgetting important tasks or amazing ideas if you weren’t carrying the right tools at the right time. Now, thanks to great note taking apps you will always have the tools you need right in your front pocket.  Want to write down cliff notes or music notes? Instantly take note of any important information and keep it with you anywhere you go!

Don’t lose a great idea because you don’t have a pen and paper around. Whether you want to write text, record voice memos, or capture ideas with pictures and video, all the tools are right on your phone! We selected the best note-taking apps for you to remember everything easily!

Quick and easy notes with Notepad & To Do List

When you have an amazing idea, you need a quick and easy way to jot it down! No need for tons of features that make the process overly complicated. Notepad is a great choice if you are looking for something that works and is practical. Write down any to-dos easily and enjoy the most essential features that make your life so much easier. Tag your notes and sync them instantly to easily access your information anytime and anywhere. Didn’t remember to save your notes? No problem! A handy auto-save feature takes care of it, so you don’t have to. Notepad’s simple interface and efficient design will get the job done quickly when you need it.

Remember any idea with NOTEBOOK

Sometimes it is more convenient to record a voice memo to more accurately capture your ideas. Other times you might prefer to write your to-dos in a list form for easy viewing. NOTEBOOK is a great choice for taking notes with text, voice memos, and images all in one place! Just came up with a great idea for a song? Instantly write down your music notes and record yourself singing the tune. Take a selfie just for fun and keep it with your notes too! A great interface design makes it easy to access all these features without sacrificing user-friendliness! 

All your notes neatly organized with Evernote

Evernote’s simple and clean design really hits that sweet spot between casual and professional. Luckily its functionality is just as great as how it looks! Easily take notes in any format you desire. Write a short text or take a picture to help you remember an idea! Want to attach a recipe or document to your note? Attach PDF’s for extra convenience. Don’t have time to write down notes? Record audio and video notes too! All your notes are neatly organized so you can access them quickly at any time. Share and sync notes between mobile devices to take your information with you anywhere you go!

Don’t forget an amazing idea or important task ever again! Use any of these great note taking apps to save all your to-dos and ideas easily without the need for a pen and paper. Your information will be handy anywhere you go so can relieve your memory bank and focus on things that matter!