The List of Dangerous Social Media Networks & Apps for Kids & Teens

Social media, since conception, has played a pivotal role in influencing the Internet and the social lives of the people who use them. For the first time, people have been connected on such a large scale with huge distances between them. The communication and the Internet explosion are influencing every aspect of our lives and social media is the key player.

The benefits of the technology to socialize are definitely enormous but the situation gets equally worse when you find out that there are multiple cybercriminals that are at play with someone’s children online every day. Every day there are multiple cases on popular social media websites like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Kik messenger that becomes published in the news as an unpleasant incident.

The Social Media Adversities

It is not a perfect world out there and we share our world with people that do not have positive intents and others are mentally sick having diseases like pedophilia scavenging on young kids. We have developed a list of Social media apps that cater to top Social media presence and have reputation for being dangerous for Teens. But, you need not to be worried because we will give you a very basic solution to overcome and neutralize the online threats that are posed by these social media apps or website without your kids ever leaving their connected devices.

Just for the record, the treats that kids face on social media are Cyber bullying, Cyber predators, Privacy breach, Phishing, Falling for scams, unintentional malware download, etc.

The following enlisted social media apps are dangers for kids that are tweens and teenagers. The minors like tweens and teens do not have very well developed emotions or understanding about the practicalities and the pitfalls of online social life.

We have sorted out the topmost dangerous social apps that have ruined or at least disturbed the lives of many kids around the world. We also provide the details of a parental control app named TheOneSpy that can help you protect from the atrocities against the teenagers and other young kids without consuming too much of your time as a parent.

The Top Notorious Social Media Sites


The social media app that tops our list is Snapchat. The Snapchat is the pioneered time limited photo sharing apps and it is the main driving force behind its enormous popularity. Since the pictures taken by Snapchat fades and disappears in one to ten seconds, kids may be tempted or obliged to share nude photos of themselves without having the knowledge that the receiver can snap the Snapchat photo with his device and miss use it. The Snapchat platform is also a breeding ground for sexting, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, trolling and other disturbing online practices that are forbidden by cyber laws in many countries.


Facebook is a social media app that is insanely popular with the masses and it is a medium that provides a very big target to pedophiles for sextortion and sexual grooming of children. Not only that Facebook also a place where child trafficking has been reported. As soon as you add the picture of your child and add a stranger to your friend’s list beware that you may lose your child forever, it is especially true if you add location information of your residence or your kid’s school.


WhatsApp is a chatting app that has revolutionized the communications for instant messaging with users reaching up to more than a billion. The ease of sharing text messaging and pictures with being a free app makes it vulnerable to inappropriate communication for kids like sexting. It also allows children to add strangers without your knowledge.


Skype is also a social media app that is notorious for sexually grooming kids along with many other hideous acts that have happened to kids with the online and unmonitored usage of Skype.

By the looks of it, it seems that there is a huge price to pay for your children to learn online socialization but you need no worries because there is an app that can deal with these problems that are mentioned above and much more. It is called TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy gives you the ability to silently monitor your child and intervene if he adds any stranger or if someone asks for your child to perform inappropriate acts. TheOneSpy is loaded with 250+ features that have a proven track record of parental control.


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