WeChat Top Technology from China  

Many people outside China have not yet heard of WeChat or they think that it is a voice app or social media giant Facebook as per country’s messaging service. For many people in China, WeChat is very high – it’s not an apparent to say that it is an essential part of their daily life.

WeChat, or Weixin as it is known in China, started in October 2010 in Tencent Guangzhou Research and Project Center in the southern corner of the country. Since then, it has grown to be the most popular mobile app in the country, which talks about 1 billion monthly users, play play, shopping, news stories, pay for food and their Post ideas and pictures. Today, you can arrange time slots to file a divorce in any doctor’s appointment book or authority authority.

The seven-year-old app based on the Shenzhen-based Tentain Holdings, which set the foundations for excellent development in the technical wall behind WeChat, to turn it into one of the most effective companies in China and the attention of global investors. The basis for capturing is. Since the official launch of the Vatican in January 2011, Tencent’s market investment has increased ten times more.

However, the company has hit a high speed. Tencent lost 29 percent after its share of HK $ 476.6 shares in January this year, resulting in its market value over US $ 170 billion. Before this rapid fall, some observers are asking whether the tentant has “dreamed”, which focuses on the growth through investment rather than the nature of organic innovation, due to which we create a vitate.

Tencent Profit Drop charged the new game to wait for approval

After the market near Wednesday, Tencent reported 2% drop in second gaming revenue on lower gaming revenue and investment-related profits. Net arrivals compared to $ 17.9 billion (2.6 billion US dollars) in the quarter ended June 30, compared to an estimate of 12 analysts compiled by 19.3 billion yuan average Bloomberg. Sales exposure estimates were 73.7 billion yuan.

Tencent’s foreign counterpart announced its slow quarter-end user growth since 2011, with Facebook, 1.47 billion active users (DAU) and 2.23 billion active active users (MOU) The stock price was over 20%. July.

However, Tencent is also in the early stage of monetizing its WeChat user base.

Carefully cautious to avoid the user’s policy of flooding, currently, we allow White to perform two ads appearing on our social platform moments, which is “highly conservative than our global partners.” In the May conference, Mr. Gordon Machhel, Tentant’s Chief Strategist Officer, said, call the analysts.

Jeffrey’s analyst Karen Chen wrote in a written note that “With improving targeting ability, opening inventory ads and rollout of ad formats, we increase social-based advertising performance. Tencent, which should be the main advantage. ” In July.

Other analysts on the prospect of the website are also expected.

“[WeChat’s user numbers] have not yet been removed but I think they’ll be on some occasions,” said Channel Bureau of Management Channel Meth Bernen. “But still there is a lot of room to increase their advertising, and now with mini programs.”

Mini programs usually refer to smaller applications than 10 megabytes which can quickly run on the main app interface. They offer access to users because one program does not have to download from the app store, they can walk from within the app. This innovation allows platforms to host multiple services, convert them to super apps, allowing users to facilitate more convenience in the world’s largest smartphone market.

Mini programs aim to keep users within a virtual nuclear system, when short video applications increase. In June, compared to the corresponding time last year’s expenditure on mobile phone users spent 36 percent less than 36 years, while spending time on short video apps increased from 2 to 8.8%, by internet Data provided by the data provider in July according to the data provided.

However, a new series of innovative programs in the Tenset Vacation is a revival.

When Tencent’s flagship messaging service was the QQ dominant player in China, Tencent founder, chairman and CEO Ma Huateng [knows as Tony Ma] did not rest on their rewards. He saw PCs inevitable change in traffic from PC to mobile internet in 2010 because smartphones acquired popularity by Apple’s iPhone. I knew that mobile instant messaging would become the key to future.